Strategic Testing Decisions




In this talk realised for the Spanish meetup QA Málaga, Francesco Strazzullo analyses one of the most important dogmas when it comes to “quality” software: testing. He does so by first analysing the deep meaning of the word testing and calibrating its use in different phases of a software product’s life.

Testing, although an important element of any product, has a cost or – if you like – hidden sides that if not considered may not only not be helpful, but may even be a hindrance. Understanding these tradeoffs in depth is fundamental to making informed and conscious decisions.

Finally, Francesco gives an overview of some techniques that can provide the same kind of value that we usually look for in testing, but which are more appropriate in particular contexts or moments in the life of a project, such as User Research, Blue/Green Deployment and Spike & Stabilize.

Below is the video of the event and slides.

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