Why work with an AWS partner?

If you’ve ever attended an official Amazon Web Services event like the AWS Summit, where Amazon is presenting its latest updates and services to potential customers, you’ll have noticed a big area next to the lecture theatres: the partner zone.

Some people ask: why does AWS put such emphasis on their partners? Does AWS not have a business strategy like IBM or HP?

The answer is that AWS has a completely different business model compared to traditional IT providers.

Amazon Web Services and its partners

AWS’s core business is innovation. It focuses on constantly broadening and improving the services, tools, processes and infrastructure that have disrupted an entire market and that keep them at the top of global cloud rankings.

However, Amazon doesn’t manage its services, and that’s where the partners come in.

Instead of building a whole new channel, sales network and hundreds of local management and support teams from scratch, Amazon delegates the processes around consulting, building and deploying solutions to certified partners that are able to tailor the service to their individual customer.

AWS focuses on optimising its portfolio and its economies of scale, while partners get to take advantage of one of the most advanced cloud ecosystems in the world.

And what do the customers get out of this?

As a certified Amazon partner, we’ve found that there are four main advantages that organisations benefit from when using a partner to migrate to AWS:

1. Expertise

As with everything in life, when you’re trying something for the first time, it’s always incredibly useful to have someone at your side who’s been through it all before. A DevOps team with proven experience deploying AWS projects, ideally for companies in a similar sector to you, can save huge quantities of time and money, in addition to preventing errors that could hold your company back.

2. Proximity

Having a single point of contact for all cloud services – and a local one at that – is crucial for many organisations. They’re looking for a specialist team that talks their language, is the right size, that knows their business and their staff, and that, in many cases, can monitor their entire platform 24x7 to proactively identify and resolve whatever incidents might arise.

3. Simplicity

Whilst the partner takes on the management of the platform and the cloud services, the customer can focus on improving their applications. A good partner will have visualization and management tools at their disposal, and will offer support to resolve any incident – even if the problem is to do with AWS’s own infrastructure – as efficiently as possible.

4. Continuous optimisation

If user behavior, applications and, as a result, businesses, are constantly changing, should you not use a cloud platform that supports these changes? A partner with AWS expertise can help you to anticipate change, optimise costs and detect opportunities to synergise your technology and your business.

What’s more, with a team that’s always up-to-date with new AWS services (that are released every few days!), service updates, and available discounts, you will always be able to get the most out of your cloud.

AWS Partner Network

Although simple, these four reasons give you an idea of why the AWS partner network is one of the most efficient business environments in the current technology market and explain, in part, the high adoption rate that AWS has reached in so many countries in such a short span of time.

Of course, a customer could build their own team to manage their AWS solutions. But to take on such a critical part of the business they must be specialist techies, certified by AWS and with proven experience managing cloud services across multiple environments. The company in question should also make sure that said team keeps itself up-to-date with the latest AWS product and service launches, infrastructure improvements, price reductions and so on. If not, they'll run the risk of running their business on obsolete technology.

Ultimately, it comes down to how critical your cloud platform is for your business, and how short your time-to-market has to be.

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