5 ways to architect your application to maximise the value of the cloud

“All value of the field of IT is associated with applications” – Bernard Golden.

So you need to make the most of them. And there’s a lot of hype around the public cloud as a home for your applications. And its justified: whichever angle you take – cost, ease of access, maintenance, scalability, elasticity, versatility – the cloud is better than on-premises. The effect of which is that you can accelerate your application lifecycle, build better apps, faster, and beat your competition.

On paper at least.

How to optimise the performance of your web application

There a lots of statistics – most of them probably totally apocryphal – about how much money a slow website can cost you. You only need to know this: slow web applications enrage your users.

Avoid enraging your users by following these tips:


First things first – make sure performance is up to scratch.

Web acceleration and regional distribution

Why application-centric infrastructure is redefining business

From a rather static, hardware-focused unit, IT is becoming a more dynamic, application- and user- centric entity. And your IT department must be ready to deploy entire application environments instantly and dynamically – and then modify or remove them just as quickly.

Business-enabling innovations have already resulted in the emergence of dynamic, application-centric IT trends such as the cloud and DevOps automation. And now software-defined networking is doing the same for networking.


4 killer apps that were built using DevOps

It used to take up to about 9 months to deploy or longer. With months’ worth of lead time in the run-up.

It’s marginally quicker to walk from Istanbul to Edinburgh than it was to make any significant updates to your application.

So some smart people sat down to figure out how to reduce deployment time. Reducing deployment time is incredibly powerful because it shortens the feedback loop, which means that the features that customers want (or don’t want) are built (or removed) as quickly as possible.

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